Invoice & Payroll Systems

While software suppliers had adequately covered the needs of permanent recruitment, nobody had addressed the different and generally more complex needs of temporary driving and industrial recruitment.

The Resourcing Specialists created the solution with a unique system dedicated to the needs of the Logistics and Manufacturing industries, offering you an outstanding range of benefits.

Benefits include:
• Industry leading excellence in time and attendance control
• Fast and accurate bookings
• Accurate invoicing with human error virtually eliminated, saving the client team's time
• Assured legal compliance; from eligibility to work in the UK, to driver hours and tacho operation
• Automatic invoicing and management information reporting facilities
• Unique integration with customer's Sage accounting and payroll software

Invoice management
Using The Resourcing Specialists biometric technology our coordinators and your management team can monitor rigorously defined shift patterns to instantly see if someone clocks on late or clocks off early, increasing the efficient control of our manpower resources. The digital data is then fed directly into payroll, further increasing our customer service efficiency by removing another layer of manual data entry and avoiding the potential for mistakes.

You may require one invoice per worker, for example, or you may prefer invoices split by purchase order number. Our system gives us total flexibility to match your needs.  We also have the facility to email your invoices, which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while contributing to your own programme of Corporate Responsibility.

Sub Contractors
The nature of today's temporary labour market demands that agencies deal with an increasing number of subcontractors. Our system is purpose-built to take this complication in its stride - we take care of all the admin, saving you time and trouble.

Our system allows us to manage PAYE workers and subcontractor workers together, while keeping them separate for payroll and invoicing. Whether they have formed their own limited company, or work under an umbrella company, we can handle it.

The system generate reports, that detail all hours to be paid and invoiced for each worker for the given week - no duplication of data which can lead to errors, so no headaches for you.

Links to Sage

Because our own IT systems have been designed to link to Sage products, the consistently accurate transfer of information between our operations and your payroll/accounts is assured.