Professionals Adding Value to Your Business

Our business has grown significantly, even during tough economic times we have continued to increase our customer portfolio. We believe this is due to a number of key fundamental differences between how we operate in comparison to many of our competitors.

+ Strategy
Our main objective is to provide leading recruitment solutions that enable our customers to achieve world class customer service at optimal cost. We focus on providing a solution that will add value to the clients operation.

- The business objective for many Agencies is to place as many people into the market place as possible, e.g. high volume, no emphasis on quality or added value to the services being provided.The phrase “Bums on Seats” is often used by potential clients to describe the service they receive from their existing suppliers.

+ Specialists
We don’t generalise and specialise in areas that we don’t understand, instead we “stick to what we know” which is often the reason why some Agencies never develop their business effectively. Many of the RSL management team has worked at a senior level within the sectors they specialise in.

- Many Agencies don’t have the necessary experience or qualifications to deliver what they promise.

+ Unique Infrastructure
We have developed a unique infrastructure that allows our management team to focus their time and efforts maintaining and improving customer service as opposed to continually pursuing new business and resolving client issues.

- Many Agencies operate high street branch networks or on site teams however a lack of investment in resource and management support is a major cause of poor customer service & client retention. 

+ Our People
Our Employees are our biggest asset and without their commitment, dedication and enthusiasm we wouldn’t be where we are today. Since we started in 2005 we have retained the key personnel within the business by giving them opportunities to develop their careers as the business expands. This ethos ensures that your requirements are looked after by people who truly value your business and go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

- Many Agencies suffer high turnover caused by unacceptable workloads and limited opportunities to develop their careers, coupled with financial rewards for achieving unrealistic sales targets.

+ Investors in Service
We are continually developing IT solutions to simplify complicated payroll systems, improve productivity performance & manage new legislation being introduced to the industry. Please see new initiatives in the payroll section of our web site for more information.

- Many Agencies invest very little into the IT side of their business preferring to use profits to open new offices or employing more sales people believing this approach is a more effective way of increasing the bottom line.

+ Partnership Approach
We believe in developing partnerships where everyone involved (Customer, Employee & RSL) benefits from the relationship. We achieve this by charging and paying competitively and making realistic margins. Ultimately, the customer wants value for money, the employee wants to be paid fairly and we want to generate a margin that covers our overheads and returns a sensible profit.

- In our experience many Agencies are only interested in their bottom line profit margins and all too often this is achieved by over charging the client & paying the worker a meagre wage.

+ Proven Track Record
We can provide references from senior people within the organisations we have provided recruitment solutions too. Please take a look under the Testimonials page.

- Many Agencies take three steps forward and two steps back, continually winning and losing business. Instead of focusing on a small number of clients and developing their business gradually they saturate the marketplace and end up with too many clients to look after. This approach not only causes poor service but it also damages the Agencies credibility and reputation with their customers.