Agency Worker Regulations

This information has been compiled by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), the representative body for the UK’s recruitment industry.  This explains what the new regulations on agency workers will mean for hirers who engage workers via a temporary staffing supplier.

With the legislation coming into force in October 2011, it is important that hirers:
• Understand the scope and implications of the regulations.
• Assess the potential impact the proposed regulations will have on their business or organisation.
• Start as early as possible to develop plans with their temporary staffing suppliers to minimise the costs and potential disruption the implementation of the proposed regulations may cause.

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• Agency Worker Rights
• 12 Week Qualifying Period
• Entitlement After 12 Weeks
• Who Will be Protected
• Equal Treatement
• Equal Treatment Liability
• Circumventing Directive
• Legislation Derogation
• Timescales

If you would like any more information regarding the Agency Workers Regulations please contact our Human Resources Manager on Tel 0844 335 0415 or send an email to melanieb@trsltd.biz